Silver Medal set
Silver Medal set

In 1805 Matthew Boulton of the Soho Mint in Birmingham,struck a medal on his own initiative for presentation to the survivors of the Battle of Trafalgar.

To mark the 200th.,Anniversary of the battle,the medal has been reproduced in three limited editions of Bronze,Silver and Gold.

The Silver medal weighing almost sixty grammes is approximately 48mm in diameter is a limited edition of:1805.

The stunning medal is contained within a Hand-made case and includes an encapsulated piece of Oak and a Copper Ingot both of which are made from materials taken from HMS Victory.

A certificate of provenance is included with the set


Price for the Silver Medal set = PRICE ON APPLICATION

**NB - Silver re-strikes from the 1820-1850 period are valued in MEDAL YEAR BOOK 2006 at: £1500 - £1800 **

Order your set now by post,enclosing your cheque made payable to: SERVICE COMMEMORATIVES.


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