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The Boer War Casualty Roll 1899-1902 (£85.00 each)

The Boer War Casualty Roll 1899-1902
An Alphabetical Listing
Compiled by: Andy Palmer

Boer War Casualty Rolls for the Natal Field Force and the South Africa Field Force have been available as separately published volumes for many years. The casualties are arranged regimentally with a range of separate addenda and corrigenda and, although this is an ideal arrangement for those with particular regimental interests, it does not provide a quick and effective way of sourcing individual entries. Now 'Military Minded' has completed the lengthy task of consolidating the two lists in complete alphabetical order, incorporating various additions and corrections. Furthermore the biographies of officer casualties taken from ‘The Last Post’ (Dooner) have been added to relevant entries. Also one can see, immediately, full casualty details for any individual including whether they have been wounded on more than one occasion and with which unit(s). Previously there was no quick way of determining this. Indeed the complexity of searching through the information provided by the two former publications made it easy to overlook entries, especially if individuals were mentioned on several occasions in different parts of the rolls. In this new single roll multiple entries for an individual are grouped together. As the compiler's introduction explains, in some instances, the same name appears with a different unit service number; an identical unit service number appears with a different name; and individuals seem randomly to change unit. Inevitably in a work of this scale it has not been possible to reconcile and explain such differences, but it is a major advance for the researcher that information relating to the same name is now grouped together to assist further investigation. This is an important new work for military collectors, historians and genealogists who will find that its user-friendly format is invaluable. Now an individual or family name can be researched in seconds.

794 pages. Soft Covers.

PRICE = £85.00 


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