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MEDAL RIBBON (£1.00 each)


The best available quality.

We can supply most British Full-size and Miniature Medal Ribbon from 1914 to date @ £1.00 per 6 inch (15cm) length with the exception of DFC/AFC/DFM/AFM which is: £2.00 per 6 inch (15cm) length.

Most Pre-1914 Full-size ribbon and some Miniature Ribbon is available @ £1.50 per 6 inch (15cm) length.

Ribbon for any Medal listed in the Commemorative Medals section is available  at: £3.00 per 6" (15cm) length.

UK Postage from: £1.00  per order depending on quantity.

Overseas Postage  : Please enquire for postage rates.

Please check availabilty before ordering.

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