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The Air Force List October 1940 (£30.00 each)

The Air Force List October 1940
The Official Air Force List for the Battle of Britain Period, August 1940

This volume lists the Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers of the Royal Air Force and other related personnel, who served during the critical Battle of Britain period, August-September 1940.

The Gradation List, arranged by Branches, includes: General Duties Branch (Air Gunners and Air Observers); Technical Branch (Engineers, Signal Officers and Armament Officers); Balloon Branch; Administrative and Special Duties Branch (Intelligence, Marine Craft and other duties). The volume also lists Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service, Reserve of Air Force Officers, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, etc. The whole work is referenced by a nominal index.

During the Second World War, the classified lists were quite often destroyed on receipt of the updated version the following month, consequently original copies of this work are quite rare and available only in some of the larger reference libraries.


PRICE = £30.00


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