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Pipers of the Highland Regiments 1854-1902 (£60.00 each)

Pipers of the Highland Regiments 1854-1902

Compiled from Regimental Sources, Records of Highland Gatherings, Official
Documents and Various Publications Attributed to the Reign of Her Majesty
Queen Victoria

By R.H. (Dick) Crawford

This book covers the period from 1854, when Pipers were first authorised by
Horse Guards, until 1902, the year of the conclusion of the Boer War. It
provides biographical and service details, together with the medal
entitlements, of some 1000 Regimental Pipers who served in the Highland
Regiments during the reign of Queen Victoria.

There was much competition between Pipers either at Regimental Games or, for
the most proficient, at major Highland gatherings throughout the country. It
was not unusual to find among the top prize winners, Militia or Volunteer
Pipe-Majors nearing the end of their military commitments. To be offered the
appointment of Pipe-Major on the Permanent Staff of a Militia or Volunteer
Battalion was considered a major accomplishment. Accepting such an
appointment would guarantee home stations and the opportunity to compete at
will. Many of these prominent Army Pipe-Majors and their achievements are
mentioned throughout the book.

This work should be considered less a narrative and more an essential source
of reference. Working with a rich variety of sources over a considerable
period, the author has brought together in this one volume a significant
body of information. It will be of unique interest to Regimental historians,
piping enthusiasts, genealogists of Scottish ancestry, and collectors of
Scottish medals and militaria, among others.

Hardbound with 364 pages

PRICE = £60.00





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