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In 1995 on the fifth anniversary of the end of the Cold War the ' Federation Des Combattants Allies En Europe' decided that a medal should be struck to honour the most turbulent period of the 20th.,Century. The award of the COLD WAR VICTORY MEDAL is given under the auspices of the late Central European Council and is uniquely divided into 4 categories of qualification.
They are as follows:

1. Governments (In exile)
2 .Solidarity/Resistance/Humanitarian movements
3 .Defence of N.A.T.O.
5. Conflicts of Resistance to Totalitarian Aggression.

The COLD WAR VICTORY MEDAL was designed and struck in 1995 and is available for purchase by eligible recipients.

The medal is die-struck with a high-grade Nickel-silver finish.The obverse of the medal is heavy on symbolism and features Saint George and the Dragon: Saint George is the Patron Saint of Holy Mother Russia and is attacking from the right (West),whilst the dragon is shown rearing up from the left (East). The reverse of the medal features a Corona Civica made of oak leaves with the central inscription 'For Service in the Cold War against Totalitarianism 1945-1990.

The ribbon is in moire (Watered Silk effect).The edges are in Communist Red whilst the central two thirds of the ribbon are the exact colours of the First World War Allied Victory Medal.

The medal will not be issued without clasps (bars) attached: one clasp (bar) being the minimum requirement.

At least one of the following nine clasps must be attached to the medal:

Central & Eastern Europe.
Free World Forces.
Patriotic Resistance.
Humanitarian Aid.
Defence of NATO.
Special Operations.
Berlin Air Lift.

Other clasps covering areas of service,branch of service etc.,may be attached to the medal in addition to one of the nine 'Compulsory' clasps and over 100 are available.
The clasps are attached and riveted to the medal's ribbon suspender bar.The clasps are of a similar design and construction to those used on various British General Service Medals.

PRICE = £75.00 which includes the cost of a first (mandatory)  clasp.

Additional Full-size  clasps ( £25.00 each ) may also be added to the medal.

A full list of all available clasps is included with the ORDER FORM or may be E-mailed upon request.

A Matching Dress Miniature is also available:

Price = £37.00 including one clasp.

Additional Miniature clasps are available: Price; £12.00 Each.

An Award Certificate is also available.  Price = £10.00

This medal is assembled with its clasps on a bespoke basis upon receipt of order and payment.

Delivery is therefore: 4 - 6 Weeks.

The medal may be applied for posthumously by family members.

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