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Is available to all qualified British Commonwealth and Allied ex-service personnel ,both Regular and Reserve,who have served their country in an avaition role during peacetime or hostilities.
The medal is die-struck and has a high-grade nickel finish.The design is deliberately reminiscent of the by-gone days of 'Empire'

The medal's beautiful ribbon is symbolic of the fuselage roundel markings used during the epic Air battles of the First and Second World Wars.
The centre part of the ribbon has a broad band of dark red with a thin stripe of white on each side.Surrounding this are broad stripes of dark blue with narrower stripes of bright yellow on the outside edges.

The medal is available with CLASPS to denote various areas of service.In this way one or more clasps can be attached to the one medal as is the practice with the various British General Service Medals.
The clasps which are of similar design and construction to those used on the General Service Medals are riveted to each other and then to the medal ribbon suspender bar.

The medal may also be applied for by Next-of-Kin.

PRICE = £75.00 which includes the cost of a first (mandatory)  clasp. Other  clasps ( £25.00 each ) may also be added to the medal. A full list of all available clasps is included on the ORDER FORM.

 A Dress miniature is also available:

Price = £37.00 including one clasp.  

 Additional clasps are available: Price; £12.00 Each

This medal is assembled with its clasps on a bespoke basis upon receipt of order and payment.

Delivery is therefore: 4 - 6 Weeks.

Send no money now.
Please E-Mail,Fax,Telephone or write for further details and an Order Form.


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