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IRELANDS MEMORIAL RECORDS 1914-1918 (£285.00 each)


 Being the Names of Irishmen Who Fell in the Great European War 1914-18
Roll of Honour listing over 49,000 of Irish birth or residence at the time of death, who served and died during the Great War

In the early 1920s £5,000 of the National War Memorial funds were spent collecting the records of all the fallen and publishing them in Ireland’s Memorial Records. One hundred copies of the eight-volume set were printed ‘for distribution through the principal libraries of the country’.The printing, decoration and binding of the volumes was carried out by Irish artists and workers of the highest reputation and efficiency’.The most remarkable feature of the volumes are the ‘beautiful symboic borders designed by the artist Harry Clarke, best-known for his work in stained glass. Contained in the eight volumes are the details of over 49,000 fatal casualties.The men and women commemorated either served in Irish Regiments or were born or were resident in Ireland at the time of their death and were serving with units from Britain and its empire.The principle information given for each person, whereas being similar to Soldiers Died in the Great War, quite often contains additional facts such as age, and elaboration on how killed etc.For example, the entry, ‘died of wounds received in Sinn Fein Rebellion’ has been noticed.Details of prep-war medal entitlement and other odd facts occasionally occur.This is the only publication to bring so many of the great War dead from Ireland together in order that they may be individually and collectively honoured and remembered.

Here is a unique opportunity to own one of the rarest sets of memorial books ever published which have never been available for sale to private individuals.

Compiled by The Committee of the Irish National War Memorial , with Decorative Borders by Harry Clarke

Brand New re-print of the original 1923 publication. 3200pp
8 Volume set

Soft covers: £285.00
Hardbound; £385.00

Carriage is extra: Please enquire.

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